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Utah Lawn Disease

Maintaining a healthy, vigorously growing lawn is the best way to prevent a severe disease outbreak. Many common lawn diseases in Utah can be avoided altogether by providing your lawn with optimal amounts of water, fertilizer, the right mowing regime, and an aerated, well-drained soil.

The importance of proper watering, mowing height, aeration, drainage, and fertilization can’t be stressed enough and will give your lawn an advantage over harmful disease causing micro-organisms. But there are times when conditions make even the best-kept Utah lawns vulnerable to disease.

A lush green lawn not only beautifies your yard and improves the resale value of your home… it also provides favorable environmental influences such as cooler temperatures, and reduced dust. However, turf grass is susceptible to different types of diseases. Once established in your lawn, these turf diseases can devastate a lawn. Therefore, maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn takes hard work and management practices that will reduce the likelihood of turf disease.

Lawn Disease Treatments

A Diagnosis by a turf expert can help you maintain a healthy, green lawn. High humidity, excess moisture, and other stress conditions can create a favorable environment for lawn disease such as fungi growth. Any lawn disease treatment recommended by your lawn specialist will be based on analysis of the type of grass and the growing environment.

Most lawn diseases only start after favorable conditions develop, and if these conditions remain, the disease will spread. Favorable conditions for a lawn disease may include grass that is under extreme stress and/or grass growing in poor soil conditions. Even the weather can impact the development of a lawn disease.

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