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Premium Lawn Care Program – Best Lawn Care Service in Utah

Growing a beautiful healthy green lawn requires much more than just fertilizer – it requires all of the nutritional building blocks. Guardian’s carefully chosen mix of plant nutrients, bio-stimulates, soil amendments, humates and minerals will enrich your soil and give your lawn what it needs, when it needs it. Guardian’s perfectly balanced and timed applications will promote a stronger root system and healthier top growth… the essentials for a nutritionally superior lawn.


Our special blend of fertilizer with iron and other micronutrients and our properly timed feedings promotes a thick, vibrant green lawn with a vigorous root system.

Bio Nutrients

Specially formulated Bio Nutrients designed to improve soil quality by adding a blend of humic acid, kelp, natural L-amino acids and beneficial soil bacteria along with fortified natural carriers that add rich organic materials and plant extracts to revitalize your soil. A powerful natural wetting agent insures deep penetration into even the most difficult and compacted soils.

Humate Soil Conditioners

A specially formulated soil conditioner will be applied to your lawn to help increase nutrient availability. These essential humic, fulvic, and amino acids naturally enhance soil activity and will help the root system more easily assimilate those nutrients being introduced, as well as those that already exist in the soil. Over time these treatments will help improve the organic matter in the soil, as well as increase the fertilizer and water holding capacity of the soil – creating a more stress tolerant lawn.

Pre-Emergent Treatments

Prevent, eliminate and manage the spread of crabgrass and various weeds Guardian Lawn includes two pre-emergent treatments (using a different active each time) for superior results and control.

Weed Control

Eliminate and manage various common Utah weeds as they pop-up through the season

Turf Insect control – Prevention and Control

Rather than wait for turf insects to damage or destroy your lawn, Guardian lawn program includes a preventive turf insect treatment at no additional cost to you. Although a preventive treatment will reduce risk, it does not completely eliminate it. You may still get unwelcome visitors such as turf damaging cutworms, sod webworms, billbugs, or grubs. Not to worry, your lawn program covers post treatments as well.

  • 6 applications each season. Applications are approximately 5 to 6 weeks apart
  • The cost per application is based on the square footage of your lawn. To request an estimate, please call our office at 801-225-6000 or click here

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