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Guardian Lawn Service provides professional ornamental tree & shrub care. Trees and shrubs are under constant pressure from a variety of insects, bacteria, and fungi. In a natural setting, there are all kinds of checks and balances that keep insects at bay. In an urban environment, trees and shrubs become highly stressed due to roads, sidewalks, compact soils, poor drainage, restricted growing areas, pollution, etc. Unfortunately, trees and shrubs do not take care of themselves and in an urban setting, are under far more pressure, and experience more root and plant stress… making trees and shrubs more susceptible to disease and insect damage. An annual deep root feeding will provide your trees and shrubs with a balanced blend of nutrients to stay healthy and help ensure strong, healthy, and vigorous root development.

5 Signs Your Trees or Shrubs Have A Disease or Insect Control Issue:

  • Seeing a lot of dead wood – Trees and shrubs will naturally have a few dead branches. If you start seeing more than usual, this may be a sign you have a problem.
  • Seeing decay or open holes in trees – Decaying and dead parts of a tree, including cracks, and openings in the trunk or its branches, is an open invitation for pest problems.
  • Leaf Damage – When leaves do not appear normal and you see leaf damage, it can be a sign you have problems.
  • Disease and/or Insect activity discovered in your trees and shrubs – Upon close inspection of your trees and shrubs, pest issues are observed, it may be time to bring in an expert.
  • Mushrooms growing on the trunk or roots – Mushrooms around or on trees is a problem.

Deep Root Feeding

Deep root feeding in the spring or fall will help your trees and shrubs remain healthy and stimulate root growth and strengthen its natural ability to resist most diseases. Guardian’s balanced deep root tree & shrub feedings go well beyond typical root feeding. Our custom blend of nitrogen, plant nutrients, bio-stimulants, as well as bio-nutrients are injected into the root zone of your trees and shrubs once a year to preserve your tree(s) and shrub(s) and maintain optimal health, color and plant vigor. We also do a systemic insect treatment to kill insects and prevent new infestations for the entire year – at no additional cost to you. It is effective against a variety of insects including aphids, emerald ash borers, leafminers, Japanese beetles, and more for an entire year.

The best defense against disease and insect damage is a healthy tree. Late winter (February, March and April) and late fall (Oct & November) is the optimal time for Deep Root Feedings but deep root feedings can be done anytime.

Tree & Shrub Insect Control & Treatment

Trees and shrubs in decline or under stress are much more susceptible to insect damage. Guardian Lawn Service offers preventative and curative insect tree and shrub applications. Preventative applications will not prevent or kill all pests. Sometimes there just isn’t a preventative option available for a specific pest or it’s too late in the season to use preventative options. If that is the case, we time the curative treatment to coincide with the specific pest issue.

The best way to defend trees and shrubs from pests is to keep them in optimal health. Healthy trees and shrubs do a better job naturally defending themselves against pests… That is why we highly recommend deep root feeding once a year.

Tree & Shrub Disease Treatment

The best defense against tree and shrub disease is to keep your trees and shrubs in optimal health. An unhealthy tree is much more likely to have disease issues than a healthy tree. For this reason, we strongly recommend deep root feeding on an annual basis. A deep root feeding will help protect your investment and increase the probability that your trees and shrubs remain healthy and less prone to disease.

Specific tree varieties are more susceptible to disease than other tree varieties. Certain types of trees may require targeted measures because of the way fungi spores spread in the spring. Most diseases that impact trees and shrubs can be controlled through well timed treatments. If you believe your trees or shrubs have disease issues, please call us at 801-225-6000 for a free evaluation.

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