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Professional Lawn Care in Utah County

Utah County's Best - The Most Trusted Name in Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Utah County!

If you own a home in Utah County, you deserve a healthy, vibrant green lawn. A healthy, beautiful lawn starts with utilizing a custom blend of fertilizer, soil amendments, and other lawn resources to nourish the grass, nurture the soil, and inhibit pesky weeds. Investing in the ideal lawn fertilization and weed control services will ensure your Utah County lawn looks great all season.
Guardian Lawn Care is your best choice when it comes to lawn care in Utah County; Guardian is a locally owned and operated Utah company. We know Utah County lawns and soils and deliver precisely what your lawn and soil need when it needs it so that you can have a vibrant, healthy, green lawn. At Guardian Lawn Care, we have perfected the art of lawn care and take pride in providing what you deserve: the best lawn fertilization and weed control results in all of Utah County.

Better Lawn Care in Utah County

Call Guardian Lawn Care for Superior, Professional Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Utah County.

Utah County’s lawns are uniquely affected by our arid desert climate, which means the right fertilization and weed control are vital for a beautiful living space. Guardian Lawn Care offers custom lawn fertilization and weed control service programs to fit your specific needs and budget. Not only will this ensure the best possible results, but our lawn service programs ensure you don’t have to worry about anything except proper watering.
As an added bonus, Guardian Lawn Care specialists will apply a preventive turf insect treatment to your lawn at no additional cost to you. Although this treatment does not guarantee you will not have turf-damaging insects during the season, it will eliminate existing turf-damaging insects in your lawn and lower the risk of future infestation during this season. Plus, if turf-damaging insects return, so will we at no additional charge.
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Looking for Quality Lawn Care Services in Utah County? Our Local Lawn Care Experts are Available in the following Cities:

Why Choose Guardian Lawn Care

Superior Lawn Service

Because you deserve the best – Our perfectly balanced and timed fertilizers, nutrients, and carbon-rich soil enhancers will promote a more robust root system and a healthier, greener lawn.

Expertly Trained Technicians

Effective lawn management is a process, not a one-time event. Our trained, certified lawn professionals are meticulous and thorough.

Superior Fertilization

Our custom blend of premium fertilizers and nutrients is second to none. And we don’t stop there - we also apply carbon-rich soil enhancers and amendments for complete lawn health.

Superior Weed Control

A Superior weed control program - must be customized for each season. At Guardian, we use the correct weed control formulations for better weed control at the right time of the year.

18+ years of Experience 

Locally Owned and Operated Lawn Care company providing top-notch lawn services for nearly two decades.

Free Estimates 

Free, no-obligation quotes, and absolutely no pressure - Like you, we know you get what you pay for - That's why we invest in the best lawn products. As a result, we cannot offer the lowest price, but we can provide you with the best value for the price!

Special Offers

Save Money Today

Keep your lawn and soil happy and healthy. Guaranteed best value lawn care provider in Utah. 

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Initial Lawn Care Service*

Keep your lawn and soil healty with Guardian’s specialty blend of fertilizers and micronutrients. Most companies only focus on the grass and not the soil. Guardian belives in a well balanced formula that not only properly feeds your lawn, but also conditions the soil below it.  Call today for a free quote!.
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Turf Insect Control

Not many things can take your beautiful lush green lawn to a patchy brown eye sore faster than turf insects. Guardian’s professionals can quickly identify and treat those pesky critters that eat your lawn and it’s roots.
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* Limitations Apply. First time customers only. Call for details.
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