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Weed Control in Utah

Make Your Yard the Envy of the Cul-De-Sac with Lush & Weed-Free Grass

Everyone wants a lawn that makes the neighbors green with envy, and a lush, weed-free lawn can do just that. While many Utah homeowners get lucky with relatively few naturally growing weeds, more often than not, some professional help is usually needed.

Luckily, here at Guardian Lawn Care, we specialize in dramatic lawn makeovers. The bigger, the better! We love a challenge, and weed control is an integral part of that process.
We use a multi-step approach to banish weeds, improve lawn health and appearance, and stop weeds from coming back. The result is a lawn you can be proud of.
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Signs Weeds Are Ruining Your Lawn

Monitoring your lawn for any signs of potential trouble can save time, money, and the frustration of having to deal with major weed issues.
However, not every problem is obvious to the inexperienced homeowner. Knowing what signs to look for when it comes to an unhealthy lawn is imperative to the lawn’s overall health.
An excellent place to start is with a visual inspection.Utah is home to a wide variety of different weeds, so identifying a few of the most common can be beneficial. 
Give us a call at 801-225-4342 for some helpful tips on the identification of crabgrass, ground ivy, and more.

Unfortunately, if allowed to grow too far out of control, weeds can compete with the healthy grass in your yard for resources. In the end, weeds tend to win the battle for space, nutrients, sunlight, and water, which will cause the rest of the healthy, wanted grass in your yard to brown and eventually die off entirely.

Weed growth can also lead to mold growth. As molds grow in the soil, it tends to become acidic, as all of the nutrients are leached out. If you notice any visible discoloration or mold growth, chances are you have a weed problem that needs to be addressed. Call our Utah weed control experts right away.

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How Is Professional Weed Control Done?

Professional weed control, first and foremost, is customized. Every lawn is different, and so is the approach that it needs to handle it appropriately. To that end, before any services are performed, your lawn care professional will perform a thorough analysis. This will help identify exactly what type of weeds you are dealing with so that we can formulate a plan of action that will work for your lawn.

Once we know what we’re working with, we’ll get to work removing the bigger, broadleaf weeds. Once they are removed, we’ll move on to constructing a barrier to stop any of the smaller weeds from resurfacing. Using special fertilizers and a blend of micronutrients, we’ll start to reseed the lawn to encourage regrowth in a strong, healthy manner.

After that, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your brand new, lush lawn!

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Whether your lawn is full of weeds or you’re looking to get proactive for the spring and summer season, our Utah lawn care experts are here to help. With over 15 years of local expertise, we know precisely what weeds are most common and how to care for the grass and soil in the area. Whether you need a treatment plan or just some applications for weed overgrowth, we have your solution.

Get the weed treatment your grass needs by scheduling an appointment today! Call for a free estimate.

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