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Broadleaf Weeds in Utah

Do you want a beautiful, healthy lawn surrounding your home, but the neighbor’s weeds keep creeping back into your yard? Do you have more crabgrass in your lawn than Kentucky blue grass? Guardian Lawn can help your lawn!

Each year we see all kinds of lawns in Utah with extreme weed problems—we’re not intimidated though! In fact, the more severe the problems, the better we like it, because the change is so dramatic. People just can’t believe it’s the same lawn.

If Your Lawn Has Weed Problems, or Looks Thin, We Can Help.

Controlling Utah weeds is usually a multi-step process. First, for broadleaf weeds, we’ll get rid of them right away. For grass-type weeds, like crabgrass, we’ll put down a protective barrier in the spring that will help stop them from sprouting.

Next, we’ll apply special fertilizers and other micronutrients that will encourage your grass and roots to grow. In some cases, we might suggest that your lawn be over-seeded to help fill in bare spots where weeds were especially invasive.

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