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The Secret to Healthy Soil and a Beautiful, Lush Green Lawn That Will Have All of Your Neighbors Green With Envy!

Growing a beautiful healthy green lawn requires more than just fertilizer – it requires all the nutritional building blocks. Guardian’s carefully chosen mix of plant nutrients, bio-stimulates, soil amendments, humates, and minerals specifically designed for the nutritional needs of your soil and lawn (It’s like getting 2 for 1).

The additional nutrients will condition and enrich your soil… bringing it back to its natural healthy state… promoting a stronger root system and healthier top growth… the essentials for a nutritionally superior lawn.

A lush healthy lawn doesn’t just happen by accident – it takes time (after all they didn’t build Rome in a day)… Healthy lawns require nurturing and properly time balanced applications. Guardian’s perfectly balanced and timed applications give your lawn what it needs, when it needs it.

If Having A Beautiful, Lush Carpet of Lawn Isn’t Enough For You… Here Are A Few More Reasons You Should Choose Guardian…

  • Guardian combines the best elements of conventional and organic lawn care with results that are superior in every way. The additional bio-nutrients and carbon rich molecules will enrich and condition your soil – promoting a healthier, greener, more beautiful lawn.
  • Guardian’s enhanced, perfectly balanced and timed application throughout the growing season promotes healthy, thick, dense grass that can resist disease and weed invasions.
  • Rather than wait for turf insects to damage or destroy your lawn, Guardian’s lawn service includes preventive and post turf insect treatments at no additional cost to you.

“Best lawn service hand down! Used them for many years and now all my neighbors use them because they’ve been envious of my lawn, which is the first in the area to be green and looks great the longest into the fall. I love it!”.

Gabe, Saratoga Springs

“Our lawn is finally beautiful. Your technician Andrew is always friendly, kind & helpful with questions & concerns”.

Emily, Midvale

“I can’t even begin to say how much I LOVE Guardian Lawn Services! My lawn looks so much better than it did a year ago before I had Guardian. The technician is very polite, professional, and informative. And not only does he treat my lawn, but he also gives many helpful tips on how to improve my lawn even more! I get so excited every time I get the phone call telling me when my next treatment is! Thank you, Guardian, for taking the guesswork out of lawn care!”.

Karen, Springville

“Terrific Service! Your serviceman is very friendly and accommodating. Thank you!”

Julie, Provo

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