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Utah Lawn Care Services

A Healthy, Vibrant Green Lawn Begins with Your Soil

A healthy, strong, lush green lawn begins and ends with soil… It is the foundation, and the health of your soil is the key to healthy, beautiful green lawns. And growing a beautiful, healthy lawn requires much more than just fertilizers—it requires all of the nutritional building blocks.

Heathier, Stronger, Greener Lawn from the Ground Up

Guardian’s carefully chosen mix of fertilizers, plant nutrients, minerals, soil enhancers and amendments will enrich your soil and give your lawn what it needs when it needs it – all the essentials for a nutritional balanced healthy lawn.

Perfectly Balanced and Timed Lawn Applications

Our perfectly balanced and timed applications will promote a stronger root system and healthier top growth—while constantly conditioning and enhancing your soil for optimum growth.
American Fork UT Lawn Care
Guardian Fertilized Lawn Compared to Unfertilized

Premium Blend Fertilizers and Nutrients for Utah Lawns

Guardian’s Deep Signature Lawn Treatment Includes…

Special blend fertilizers, rich with Iron and other micronutrients – Specially formulated for maximum absorption and all the essential nutrients your lawn needs and craves… Promoting a thick, vibrant green lawn with a vigorous root system.

Carbon Rich Soil Enhancers and Amendments

Enriching blend of soil enhancers and amendments to enhance the vitality of your soil, creating a thriving environment for fresh lawn growth.
Made from a potent mixture of L-amino acids, humic acids, kelp, and other fortified natural soil enhancers to enrich and revitalize your soil. This enriching blend of soil conditioners and amendments ensures the health of your grass from the ground up.

Common Utah Lawn Issues & Their Causes

Although watering and mowing the lawn on a routine schedule is essential to keeping it healthy and green, many other issues could be impacting the look and even feel of your grass.

Some common lawn care issues we help with include:

Mold or disease: Excess moisture and overwatering can quickly lead to disease in your grass. In many instances, it can go unnoticed because of the density of your lawn. That’s where our experts can help!

Weed growth: Weeds can be unsightly and quickly overtake your grass. Harmful chemicals can kill them, but also harm your grass in the process. Instead, let our technicians find the perfect blend for your weed removal needs.

Thinning lawn: Without proper care and nutrients, grass can grow thin and never develop a healthy root system. Our lawn care experts create personalized grass treatment plans to improve thickness and health.

Dry patches: Whether it’s excess sun, rising temperatures, or not the right nutrients, dry spots can be an eyesore in your otherwise green lawn. We can help address common issues and restore that color as quickly as possible.

Pests and insects: Pests can affect the outside of your home too! Whether they’re eating plants and grass or building nests in root systems, they can hamper growth throughout your yard.

Superior Weed Control

Pre-emergent Crab Grass and Weed Prevention

Pre-emptive treatments to prevent crab grass and other invasive weeds from taking over your lawn. A treatment designed to eliminate crab grass and other invasive plants before they ever take root and bloom.

Superior Weed Control

Superior weed control is about using the right weed control product at the right time. Guardian Lawn Care will always apply the right weed control formulation at the right time for the right season for better weed control.
Before and After Weed Control Service in Orem Utah
Picture of a Lawn Done Right Orem Utah

The Right Way to Care for Your Lawn

At Guardian Lawn Care, we are your full-service lawn care experts here in Utah. We offer a range of services to keep your lawn lush and green.
We offer convenient lawn service programs to make maintenance and upkeep easier than ever. We help homeowners cover every aspect of growing a healthy lawn, including fertilization, soil enhancers, weed control, and more.
Overall, you can expect a healthier, greener lawn that continues to grow stronger roots for improved longevity.

Let Our Lawn Care Experts Help

At Guardian Lawn Care, we are your partners for a healthy and beautiful landscape. Our certified lawn experts bring almost two decades of local experience to your lawn and are members of the Utah Pest Control & Lawncare Association. Our methods are backed by long-lasting results and extensive training.

Why Choose Guardian Lawn Care

Superior Lawn Service

Because you deserve the best – Our perfectly balanced and timed fertilizers, nutrients, and carbon-rich soil enhancers will promote a more robust root system and a healthier, greener lawn.

Expertly Trained Technicians

Effective lawn management is a process, not a one-time event. Our trained, certified lawn professionals are meticulous and thorough.

Superior Fertilization

Our custom blend of premium fertilizers and nutrients is second to none. And we don’t stop there - we also apply carbon-rich soil enhancers and amendments for complete lawn health.

Superior Weed Control

A Superior weed control program - must be customized for each season. At Guardian, we use the correct weed control formulations for better weed control at the right time of the year.

18+ years of Experience 

Locally Owned and Operated Lawn Care company providing top-notch lawn services for nearly two decades.

Free Estimates 

Free, no-obligation quotes, and absolutely no pressure - Like you, we know you get what you pay for - That's why we invest in the best lawn products. As a result, we cannot offer the lowest price, but we can provide you with the best value for the price!

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Keep your lawn and soil happy and healthy. Guaranteed best value lawn care provider in Utah. 

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Initial Lawn Care Service*

Keep your lawn and soil healty with Guardian’s specialty blend of fertilizers and micronutrients. Most companies only focus on the grass and not the soil. Guardian belives in a well balanced formula that not only properly feeds your lawn, but also conditions the soil below it.  Call today for a free quote!.
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Turf Insect Control

Not many things can take your beautiful lush green lawn to a patchy brown eye sore faster than turf insects. Guardian’s professionals can quickly identify and treat those pesky critters that eat your lawn and it’s roots.
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* Limitations Apply. First time customers only. Call for details.
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